This summer will be known for me as the summer of people. I haven’t connected so fully with so many people since I got broken and ran away from them all. People in Atlanta. People here at our yurt. People who know where I live.


Now summer is fading if not already gone. I wore a sweatshirt and a headlamp over the wood cookstove last evening. Our summers always go out like fireworks, with Milo’s birthday. This year, even more so with a frame raising day we’ll never forget.




^^those two photos by Emily Taisey Parker



Some of you are just wanting to know more about that, how we raised our post and beam house the old fashioned way. Tomorrow I’ll release the video. (Two versions of it, actually.) Then you can see. Until then…here’s what I’m into.


What I’m Into – Homestead Wife


Besides putting up a house frame and enduring the spring going nearly dry this week…I also kept our garden alive, more or less, between visits from the hungry elk. I’m not canning this year, but I’m hanging out with my neighbor while she does, so that counts for something. We have a freezer full of chickens that we raised, as well as a hen house full of chickens that we raised, and we did finally install our solar power, which is powering his and hers rechargeable LED headlamps. (They charge right next to each other. It’s adorable.)


With on site wifi and kids schooling at home, we’re way off the sauce as far as the gas guzzling commutes. Right now I’m only leaving the creek once a week. I’m sure that will shift as the fall gets into swing — and at some point I will want it to — but I’m never going back to the commuter pace I was keeping last spring. At least, not while calling what I’m doing a path particularly toward sustainability.


Speaking of which, for those of you who are into our alternative, walk-off-the-beaten-path kind of story, here are a few of my friends who update occasionally about their super fascinating lives:


IMG_8527Katie and Sam are building their dream earthen house. Tiny Abundant Life

Crystal and Gene are moving to a boat. Planes, trains, and boats…or, we found her!

The two families of Ginger Leaf Farm are experimenting with sustainability within the city limits.

At Twisted and Plied, a neighbor-friend of mine writes about goat keeper life and her for-sale fiber arts. 



Next up around here is rocket stove obsession. If it takes us as long to pull the trigger on our rocket stove as it did our solar power, we’re in trouble. But there’s an event in Western Montana this fall we might send Nick to so he can get fired up (haha) about the options. I’m also designing the Phase Two garden, not really bothering to plant anywhere that I haven’t run the chicken tractor or laid down a sheet mulch, because our soil just is not that good, and dreaming up a beautiful garden FENCE.




What I’m Into — Faith and Culture


books – Wild in the Hollow was the best book of the summer for me. I just devoured it. I also loved Emily Freeman’s book, Simply Tuesday, although I didn’t read that one straight through. And Lauren Winner’s Wearing God was just as good as you would expect. I haven’t read Faithfully Feminist yet, but I just ordered it. It’s a book of essays that I’m pretty sure I’m going to love (with at least three authors that I follow.)


blogs FUNNY – What Teachers’ Lounge? by Abby Norman * Mastectomies, Sexting and Very Good Friends by Kate James


blogs BEAUTIFUL – In the Middle, Wondering and Wandering by Mihee Kim Kort * A Dirt Path and the Beginning of Hope by Bethany Suckrow *  On Being a Second Wife by Emily Maynard *


blogs IMPORTANT – (and beautiful) Focus on the Family by D. L. Mayfield * Mike Brown Means… by Micky ScottBey Jones * I’m Mentally Ill, But It’s Not My Fault by Tammy Perlmutter *



My most popular posts (of the entire summer) were the ones most theologically inclined: To Those Who Doubt and Because the Kingdom is Not a Small Room.


People also got a kick out of knowing my favorite online reads: Ten Blogger-Writers I Never Miss, and the Real Reasons Why


I had a great time with #WholeMama, and I don’t doubt I might make that a summer tradition. But this fall you can expect from me an October #31Days on spiritual things, more tracking of our Mountain Dream Home and homestead life, and writing for my usual shared sites, SheLoves and the Mudroom. If you haven’t been around to know it, fall is my favorite season by 100 times…


My Facebook is here. My Twitter is here. My Instagram is here … (The moral of that story is I’m not hard to find.) Thank you all for being here with me. I wish you abundance and glory of late summer and early fall.


I occasionally link up with Leigh Kramer for the “What I’m Into” round up. Many more posts like this are over here.