This video didn’t make it out on Thursday, but that’s not the only thing that’s unusual about it. I have so many times (especially lately) avoided getting into anything like “issues,” and so often that’s the right choice. But I have been convicted this week, both in person and in my heart, to use my voice for what it’s for. Be prepared if you choose to watch this one that it may be hard listening, as true stories sometimes are.

More than anything I want to clarify the distinction between upholding certain ideals and crucifying certain people. One of my editors at Zondervan, where my memoir is in the final stages of editing, often says that putting a book together is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle where you don’t know the final picture. So is a life. So is a marriage.

I have no stones to throw. I have no criticisms to make. Certainly it isn’t useful to make comparisons. I just wanted to tell my story so people can hear that this is possible, there is also this thread in the tapestry. If it delivers some hope where hope is needed, then it’s worth telling.