I keep thinking that any day here I’m going to fit in some nice squishy blogging time, preferably with lots of processing about my feelings. Maybe I’ll stay up late enough, maybe I’ll get up early enough. Maybe there will be some dead time in the middle of the day. But it’s not happening.


We raise our frame t.o.m.o.r.r.o.w. We are overachievers (mostly I’m talking about Nick, there) enough to have everything ready. And I can quote Nick saying, “My joinery pretty much rocks.”


But oh, this life. She throws wrenches in the works. Nick whaled his thumb with a hammer yesterday. Our water tanks are lower than they have ever been, and we don’t have enough water pressure to kick on our water heaters. He’s now running up and down the hill making adjustments and checking on them, while I add “paper plates” to the party list.


It’s all manageable. At least in the sense that we’re used to it. (Fools by habit!) But all my squishy feelings and renditions of yellow turning leaves, not to mention winding paths of the soul…are simply not the flavor of the moment.


It would be much better for everybody if I would just work all day.


Below are some pictures of the work in progress. Our first helper friends have already arrived. More arrive today, and most Saturday morning. We’re setting up food tables (more accurately, each table is two sawhorses and a door) right behind the construction site, right there in the dust. Cause that’s how it seems to work. This is what’s happening.


So many of you are here with us in spirit. Thank you. I’ll be posting updates on all my social networking tomorrow. Let’s go do another crazy thing. 🙂


IMG_8722 IMG_8751 IMG_8754-2 IMG_8739 IMG_8684 IMG_8688 IMG_8690-2 IMG_8735