I have a friend who is sick. He was traveling for business in Taiwan when diagnosed with leukemia. Those of you were at my frame raising might remember him as the one in the orange shirt and the floppy hat. Or the one who came all the way from Rhode Island. He became a pretty much butt kicking cancer blogger* for a minute, after his diagnosis and before he was too weak to write, but I don’t know what the privacy settings are on his Facebook page. His name is Rick.


I know another person, through the global sisterhood (activated by SheLoves Magazine, but really the body of Christ) who lives in Kaohsiung. I messaged Cindy, hoping she could be a help to my friends as they navigate a massive crisis in a foreign place. Maybe a translator, a guide, or just a friendly face. Turns out she has taken them on like family, held hands, helped make decisions, sat a vigil I couldn’t get to myself, prayed without ceasing. Every time I think about this I start crying.


I don’t believe that God sends illness to his less favored children. I do believe that in moments of mortal danger we get to see each other’s hearts.


And y’all. WE ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. We’re so capable of loving.


I don’t know what’s next for my friend. Prayers are welcome. There are Buddhist prayers going on as well as Christian ones, which is also beautiful. Beautiful, beautiful. More loving.


I took the whole day yesterday with humility and mortality. Mostly I just want to swear a lot. But also there’s never been a better time to practice the sacred art of being human. Prayer, love, hope and small sweet things. Because this life isn’t permanent, and it may slip out of your hands more suddenly than you ever dreamed. Make every moment count.


I hope that I remember this, to hold tight to love, take others on like family, sit vigil even when I’m too busy to sit vigil, pray without ceasing. Praise God and human hearts that we are here, yet, for another day, and not beyond compassion.


*The caring bridge site for Rick does show his story, his updates, and also a way to donate to help cover the costs of his family surviving in Taiwan for God knows how long. Friends, let’s make sure that our friends and their angel Cindy aren’t under financial pressure as well as all the other kinds of pressure, okay? You have to go into your paypal and enter their email, found at the caring bridge site. Message me if it’s hard to navigate. Thank you!