this everyday holy


Here’s something that I find absolutely fascinating. My thing about counterculture and rebellion and my husband’s thing about counterculture and rebellion are not the same thing. They’re often not even similar. This is really weird math, folks…like one plus one equals one. I never get tired of watching how our passions track next to each other, into a life that answers both of us.


I bring this up right at this second because (well, besides I might be working on a book proposal on all of that) I wanted to tell you I’ve been featured on a podcast! And some of our followers, or audience, might not recognize our homestead in the episode I’ve linked below. There’s nothing here about having a dream to be (relatively) self-sufficient and working very, very hard to achieve that. There’s nothing about independence, even economic independence, or achieving meaningful work, or getting out from under economic constraints that kill our souls.


Okay, so maybe that last one.


My episode on This Everyday Holy is just me. It’s me talking with one of my spiritual mentors, a friend and pastor I interact with a lot, mostly online but also a bit in real life. It’s a fairly intimate view of my spiritual life, and except for a tiny audio clip he didn’t even realize I was recording, my husband is nowhere in the scene.


As far as a view of our off grid life, this is only my part of our story. And you know what? That makes me really happy. Because sometimes loving my husband well — especially in this season of letting him work all kinds of hours to make something exactly the way he wants it made, even to the extent of WORKING ON A ROOF, IN THE DARK (be still my heart) — requires that I know my own reasons, and my own path, and hold a healthy circle just around myself.


So. If you’re into the spiritual side of things, and you’re not already completely addicted to This Everyday Holy (the approximately bimonthly scripture-meets-real-life podcast by pastor and theologian Mihee Kim-Kort), I hope my episode is your gateway. The link is here. Or search “This Everyday Holy” on your podcast app, and subscribe!