I’m in a phase right now where I’m admitting that things were harder than I told you they were. I’ve been unearthing words like trauma and confusion, and telling true stories about almost quitting and not coming back. The fact is I’ve downplayed some wicked hard moments in my life, among other reasons because I felt I couldn’t otherwise justify the path that had led to those hard moments.


I’m also not someone who writes very openly about my walk with Jesus. I refer to it a lot, but usually kind of generally. Many people know it gives me the weight and pressure for almost everything I do, but that doesn’t mean I really talk about it. Among other reasons because I find much of the language out there for faith just doesn’t fit me very well. I tend to talk about it sideways, or in circles, or from underneath. I don’t often address it directly.


These two things together make me not a great candidate for joining this series on “the easy yoke.”


But I did anyway. I like Heather Caliri. I like what she’s doing with her platform and her voice. I like the way she embraces honesty and respects vulnerability and makes a safe container for conversations that are real and true.


Here’s my post over at her place today, part of an ongoing series on “The Easy Yoke.”




I came to Christ hungry for rest. I had been running hard and fast in those days, not just for a time, but all the time, since the very beginning. I had been running so hard for so long that I couldn’t imagine what I would look like if I wasn’t running. I didn’t even know what my insides would feel like, if I weren’t scrambling, for something.


Partly that’s all my own fault, because I wanted my life to be a rich, big life, and I kept jumping bigger and bigger and bigger hurdles to try and attain that. Partly it’s not my fault at all, that I was born with so much sensitivity. Just a little thing wrong in the air can set me into panic, and surely it wasn’t my fault I was made that way.


I simply was not born with a peaceful heart.


The rest is herePlease come over to see, and if you like Heather’s series, let her know!