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** If you’re wondering if I’m related to the book author Carla Emery, who wrote the homesteading and self-sufficiency classic “The Encyclopedia of Country Living,” I sure am. I am her youngest daughter. More on that is here. **


Hi. I’m Esther. This is my journal, and the place where I write out my life.


I used to be a freelance theater director and playwright, but that feels like a long time ago. Now I’m an off-grid homestead wife, mama to three, and a runaway from the speed and noise and competition of a previous life.


I write about my faith, which is a little untamed and a little raw. I’ve found church right here in these woods and Jesus in the canyon. I struggle sometimes, but I’m not afraid to share the journey.


I write about my life, which is homestead wife and mama and yurtkeeper…and the one who does the chores. I run hard and get out of breath. But resting saved me once. I try to find rest again and again.


I write about our little yurt in the woods, and the day to day of our life off-grid on a few acres of forest land.


I also vlog on YouTube, where I share a channel with my DIY-loving carpenter husband and three free range, homeschooled children. The backbone of our channel is our show, Mountain Dream Home, in which we take you step by step through the construction of our off-grid timber frame cabin. But also we share DIY and How-To videos, opinionated chats on happiness and living well, and funny and touching stories from our family life off-grid.


My first book, What Falls From the Sky, will come out in December of 2016. I’ve only been working on it for about a hundred years, so it’s about time. It’s the story of my year without the Internet, and how I found faith and healing in a deep quiet I had never known. I can’t wait to share it with you all.


I sure am busy, for a woman who demands and loves the “simple life.” I’m living a life of full, full days…and rich moments. Also, usually, not quite enough sleep. I do love rest, and simplicity, and the good discipline of Sabbath. But…I still love coffee.


I’m introverted to the very end of the scale, and serious to a fault. But I get giddy over thrift stores and back roads, natural beauty, farm animals and dirt. I am a decent gardener, but a lousy cook. Except my bread.


I know by the beautiful emails I receive that I am popular with seekers, DIY types, country people, family folks, breastfeeding mothers and anybody who needs a little extra room. May you find here rest, and freedom, and the deep, rich blessing of living in this moment.


You are welcome here.