This is my confession, I lied to Sarah Bessey. For some of us, you understand, this is a bit like lying to your priest.


Sarah Bessey is an author and blogger and Christian feminist. She and I recorded this video interview a week ago. At the time I told her I would cut it down so it was nice and short. She said maybe cut out the part where we talk about her upcoming book (which is called Out of Sorts and is about a changing, evolving faith). I said, Sarah, WE ARE NOT DOING THAT.


Sarah is very smart, but her strongest point is not understanding how much her friends want to hear about and read her next book. I get it. Being forced by economics to promote yourself can make you forget that giving your gifts freely is a generous act.


I didn’t lie to Sarah about cutting the conversation about her upcoming book, but I did lie when I said I would cut something. I didn’t. I couldn’t. It is all SO GOOD. We start out talking about prayer, and then the holiness of daily moments. In the middle she tells me what she does when nothing seems holy, because yes, that does happen to her, too. At about 11 minutes she gets to preaching about writing something because it needs to be written, and at 13 she gets all squishy and encouraging.


Thank you so much, Sarah, for your graciousness in tolerating my amateur production values (no sound studio at the yurt!) and being generous with your skill and grace and time. Your people love you for it.


And to all the viewers, but especially the mamas, please enjoy our talk together. And be fed.



Now it’s your turn! Our #WholeMama prompt word for the link-up this week is “Prayer.”



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