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Mama friends, are you spinning in this season? Spinning tired? Or spinning rushed? Do you feel sometimes like you’re missing your own point?

I know I do.


The bridge from school year to summer splits me up like a jigsaw puzzle. I don’t like change. (I’m sure I’m the only one who doesn’t like change.)

But this isn’t only about the craziness of end-of-school-year. It isn’t only about sunscreen and swim diapers or trying to get all the people to the right places with the right snacks. And it isn’t even about the major life changes that seem to become more the rule than the exception the older I get.

This is about a yearning for something no less deep and no less precious than inner wholeness. … Which is also inner peace. 

The world gives mamas one heck of a to-do list. All the time, but maybe we feel it especially in the early summer. There’s about a hundred different places for your head to be, possibly at the exact same time that you’re supposed to be on vacation and relaxing and having the best time of your life. (No pressure!!!!)

What we’re asking, as a community of caring people, one to another, is…how I can help you be peaceful on the inside? How can we together claim the sacred and the precious even in these crazy days? How can we shore up that solid core that will root us, anchor us strong in faith and nurturing and love, instead of urgency?

And, in the meantime, since we’ll be searching for all that FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES, is there any chance of getting a good giggle? Or at least a hug?


Here’s how to begin.

  • Read Osheta Moore’s post on “Shalom” and journal or blog your thoughts on the word or the concept.  If you’re blogging, link it up with us so we can read and encourage. ((And take it easy, okay? Processing style is cool. And short is cool, too, because if this just adds another layer of pressure to your life, that is a fail.))
  • Read other people’s processing (as links are added to the link-up below) and encourage them. We think radical self-care and radical generosity are more like twins and less like enemies.
  • Post on Twitter and IG your real life moments of “wholeness” or shalom, or your dreams for wholeness or shalom. Use the hashtag #WholeMama on Instagram to be entered in a weekly drawing for free books!
  • And, go see what Abby is up to with her Whole Mama Love Bomb squad. << Don’t miss.


Right now-ish, on Monday night, there is a Twitter party. Drop in to encourage and be encouraged on the hashtag #WholeMama. And make friends. STARTS at 7:30 CST…who knows after that.


Also right now-ish there is a Fuze call. This is a video face to face hangout where you can go to write or think, except not by yourself. STARTS AT 8pm CST. This week’s link is here.

Subject: Whole Mama Fuze Chat
Date: Mon, Jun 15 2015
Start Time:  8:00:00 PM (CST)
End Time:  10:00:00 PM (CST)

Meeting URL:

Toll Free # –
Toll Number +12014794595

Side note: Jamie Wright Bagley is running the call, and she’ll have to accept you on to the call when you click in. If you think she doesn’t know you, drop a comment here so she knows you’re coming.


WE DO NOT CHECK MOM CREDENTIALS AT THE DOOR. Take what you need, please. All the love to the mamas, and the not-mamas, and the mamas in spirit. God loves you, and so do we.

Here’s to the summer of inner peace. 🙂

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