I’ve just finished writing a special ebook called “Twenty Tiny Stories from the Woods.”

It’s everything I know about the wisdom and magic of life in quiet places. It’s short doses of words that heal instead of harm. And it’s your chance to get to the magic of the woods without having to live in 314 square feet, without electricity.

The only way to get this particular ebook — this particular collection of the secrets of the woods — is to pre-order my memoir, What Falls From the Sky. My memoir will be available to everyone in EXACTLY SIX WEEKS and then this window will close.

This little ebook is just like the silence of the woods. If you don’t pay attention you will miss it.

And then it will be gone.


So go right now — today is the day!! — and pre-order What Falls From the Sky. You can do it here (Amazon) or here (Barnes and Noble).

What Falls From the Sky is also about silence and magic and healing where you don’t expect healing, though it takes place in Boston and not in the woods. It’s also about listening to the old ways, though it is about dropping off the Internet rather than dropping off the grid. It is best to pre-order it anyway, because it is cheap right now. And yes, it will arrive in time for Christmas.

Here are the buttons again. Here is What Falls From the Sky on Amazon. And here is What Falls From the Sky on Barnes and Noble.

Once you’ve done that, send me a message — hit the contact button above or email me at esthermstar@gmail.com — telling me you pre-ordered What Falls From the Sky. And I’ll send right over my ebook collection of the secrets of silence and the woods.

Also I’ll get to learn your name and say hello to you, which is an added perk for both of us.

If you’ve already pre-ordered it, that’s awesome. Even better. Send me a message telling me so, and I’ll send YOU the ebook, too. Thank you and I love you most of all, scarecrow. 🙂

Thank you for your support. We hope you enjoy this little taste of life and spirituality in the woods. And, through this little ebook or through What Falls From the Sky or beyond, we wish for all of you peace and beauty and glimpses of magic.

Love from the yurt,
Esther and family