I used to share an introspective talk each Thursday on my teaching channel on YouTube. I found it good work — even holy work — to work through the tangles of life and life experience together, in this public, humble form. Then I took the whole winter off from it — because I was tired and I don’t think you should speak just to hear yourself speaking.

Today it was time to post again. I recorded this yesterday after a surprise morning snow and a nice talk with friends. I thought…I’m ready to comb through some tangles, and it’s time.

This talk is for you if you’re spinning your wheels, or if you need a call to courage, or if you need to be kinder to yourself. This talk is for you if you’re doing something hard and you need a friend. And certainly it was for me, because I needed all those things.

With love, from the little house,

Happy Spring

The Great Easter Egg Hunt Book Giveaway is halfway through! There are copies of What Falls From the Sky still being given out at the links below. Good luck and happy hunting!


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Wed, April 12 – The Fewell Homestead (website)

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Sat, April 15 – The Grass Fed Homestead (YouTube)


Happy hunting, and love from us to you. Hang in there.