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I’m Doing Something New (and a VIDEO)

Last summer Nick and I started making regular content for our YouTube channel. I thought it was super fun. We tried all the different kinds of videos a person could try. People said they wanted more videos, so we tried making more videos. We tried everything.

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Small Good Things Matter

This is what makes the world make sense again, when terrible things keep happening. This is what makes it possible for me to feel my feelings in a world where good things and bad things live right next door to one another.

New Feminist, Still Feminist (A Guest Post Swap With Hannah Schaefer)

Sometimes I feel just too cynical to even move. Today I'm swapping perspectives with a young woman writer named Hannah Schaefer. Because I need a little of what she's got. And, maybe, she needs a little of what I've got, too. Hannah's post is below. Mine, "Still Feminist," is at her site, right here. Here's to both of us, speaking out from where we are. Here's Hannah. /// I am 20 years old. I usually avoid saying that because it can turn people off to what I have to say. All they can see for the rest of the essay [...]

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The Moon and I (Guest Post by Beth Morey)

I asked my painter/writer/seeeker friend Beth Morey to write me a post about the moon. Basically I was like WHAT IS UP WITH YOU AND THE MOON, BETH? She's kind of crazy over it, and wild, which are two of my favorite things. I felt I had to ask. This is her answer. -- There is something compelling about the moon to me. I see her, and my blood quickens, and a feral drumbeat begins to build in my bones. I drive down the little mountain that we live on, roads lined with yesterday's snow. My mind is full of to-do's [...]

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The Year of Awake, Or How Sleeping Beauty Woke Up All By Herself

I didn't know one word could be so powerful. Or maybe I did. Maybe I did know this thing about words. That especially if you’re a word person, but maybe even if you’re not, a word can get inside you, and it can change things. I started 2013 with the one word resolution, AWAKE. I wrote it in all caps because I felt so dang sleepy, I wanted to shout at myself. I felt like I was out of tune with the rhythms of everything. I felt like I was sleeping through my life. …fast forward… So then I moved [...]

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Letter to a Woman Called to Leadership

I don’t know exactly who you are. Maybe a young woman, just now stepping out into your life. Maybe a mother or a crone, entering a new phase of your authority. Maybe just my beautiful dominant four-year-old, who is ready right now to start setting the world to rights. But I know something. I know this. You are called. You are called to stand up, speak up, use your voice. You are called to the front of the room. You are named. And you are called. Rise up. The darkness does not want you to use your voice. You are so [...]

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