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In Defense of Doing Hard Things (VIDEO)

This talk is for you if you're spinning your wheels, or if you need a call to courage, or if you need to be kinder to yourself. This talk is for you if you're doing something hard and you need a friend. And certainly it was for me, because I needed all those things.

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Getting Stuck in the Snow, and What Else I’ve Been Up To

Hello, friends! If you follow me only when I write words you're a little bit behind. I've been short of words lately. Run clean out of words. But don't worry, you didn't miss much. We got cold, had three feet of snow, got stuck, got plowed out, got cold again (or were still cold?) and Milo told the story over and over again about how he got his head stuck in the snow. Now, that's not quite as bad as it sounds, either. He came off his sled into a snowbank and had to be pulled out. It was kind [...]

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Deep Snow and Soft Mercies

I'm so ready for Christmas. As so many of us are. Whether it's the coming of Christ or the coming of the snow or a needed vacation, or all of the above, so many of us just could use a little bit of star-shine right about now.

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The House in the Woods

The first snow of the year and the kids were too sick to play in it. The head cold is working its way through from youngest to oldest. Sadie had it first and now she’s right as rain. But her big sister and brother are sadly looking out of the windows, worrying that they’ll miss the fun completely. It’s the hardest thing in the world to believe that there will be snow out those windows all winter long. I’m about as up-ended as any person can be. I burst into tears or laughter at odd moments. Holding a book I [...]

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New Days and Superpowers

It's November and the yurt is pierced with cold. We've entered the darkest season of the year. Night falls long before you want it and sticks around long after its welcome is worn out. The worst part is that this isn't even the worst part. For the next four weeks -- the weeks of Advent -- the days will get shorter and shorter yet.

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Rain and Chunky Applesauce

I'm not the best at telling people when I need a break. You'll find me creeping back afterwards, a little sheepish, pulling meadow weeds out of my hair. I just don't realize how much I needed the escape until I am already sprinting full tilt into the wild. I won't apologize, exactly. I find it disingenuous when people apologize for things they don't intend to change, and I'm old enough to know there's little hope for me yet to grow up. And if you needed a break from me I would hope you, too, could just run awake and wild [...]

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Mad Plum Woman

yet I will be joyful, not numb. Yet I will be human, not machine. Yet I will love the wild plums, and the cat who curls up at my neck, and put my hope in trees.

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Why I Avoid Conversations About Ethical Shampoos (VIDEO)

This week's Thursday chat is is a little hard to pin down, with vague references to snobbish quilters (maybe?), competitive homesteaders (almost certainly), and some unnamed person who really needed to tell me off about shampoo. Seriously, folks, let's fight back against jealousy and competition. There's a better way.

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When W-O-R-K is a Four Letter Word (VIDEO)

Today's Thursday chat is a story of big city lights and dirty dishes. In debt to Alexandra and all the Alexandra's of the world, and to the Western pioneers of my own heritage. But especially to the places where we clash and merge. Enjoy.

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Why Sadie Isn’t Getting a Day in the Life Video

I'm just kidding. Probably Sadie will, eventually, have a day-in-the-life video on our YouTube channel, just like her big sister and brother have had. Probably Sadie will, eventually, have a little spotlight on her. But it didn't happen yesterday, and it isn't happening today.

Idle and Blessed (Sweet Summer Days, Part Two)

This is my secret to how I accomplish so much in a day. Strong nettle tea and Kairos time, gratitude and sleep.

Shout Out to the Women Homesteaders (VIDEO)

Are there really no women homesteaders? The Thursday video.

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