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A lot of people told me that speaking for TEDx would be fun. Or, what an amazing opportunity. Or wow, that must feel great. I love these people. I think these people, in general, are geniuses. But also that was not exactly true. I think what I needed to hear was something like, “You will get through it. And then you can go to bed right afterwards.” That’s the kind of wisdom that I need painted all over the walls, and maybe on the back of my hands, too, whenever I work on vulnerable, soul-baring, challenging, creative things.

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Of Magic and Mercies

I told the kids only one or two little chapters each day, because I don't want to be done soon. When you find a book that is medicinal, that heals broken things, you don't want it to run out. You don't want to waste it.

In Defense of Tiny Things

I wanted to write today in defense of tiny things. And going slowly. And being very much in process all the time.

Brotherhood of Brokenness (Orlando shooting)

I didn't have words all night last night, for the realization of 50 people killed and as many again shot by a terrorist in a gay club in Orlando. I still don't have words.

Sweet Summer Days

here we are, right in the middle of this messy life, that seems so right unless you look at it from the wrong angle and then you can't justify it at all.

On Power, and Politics, and Where Our Dignity Comes From

I've had it up to here with the news cycle. Part of it is just hilarious, all the ridiculous things famous people are doing, and then the funny things entertainers say about those ridiculous things. But mostly we're laughing through clenched teeth.

Seeds and Water and Cold Days in May

I'm still fighting the good fight, trying to love this ordinary life, even when the world is so full of shiny things and distractions.

Big news, beautiful people

We slowed down and ate a lot of fried potatoes, and promptly TED released my TEDx talk on YouTube and Zondervan released my gorgeous book cover and Chris Verkerk found us a swarm. But it's cool, really. This is normal. It's just spring.

Swinging Back Home

This week I’m swinging back home. I’m spreading chips and planting seeds and clearing weeds of all kinds.

In Which I Have an Emotional Hangover and a Baby Goat

My birthday is in a couple of weeks. I'm turning 37. And of all the things I'm grateful for, I'm most grateful for this: that I'm so much better at letting myself have things that make me happy.

Latest From Instagram

  • Mullein flowers, harvested to make a mullein flower oil for treating earaches. Miss Sadie doesn't think they smell very good.
  • Beach day! Girl can rock a hat, can't she? #stellabella #summer #evenhomesteadersneedbreaks
  • Stop time right here for a while, okay? #sadielady #offgridcats #yearofslow
  • Doubtless God could have made a better berry, but doubtless God didn't. #strawberries #summer #beauty
  • We went strawberry picking! 24 lbs of ripe organic strawberries. To the canning jars we go.
  • June.
  • Sadie is pretty much Nick's shadow when he's working. Today her beautiful little doll (named Rose) makes three! I hope Rose has some experience with sawmills. ;)
  • This white iris was planted years and years ago and hidden under brush. We didn't even know this cluster of bulbs was there until last year. This spring only one has flowered, but what a beautiful flower it is!
  • Fouchomatic Off-Grid just received a VERY interesting package. 
A) we will wait until Nick is home to open it. 
B) this is all in fun and related to things we've shared in our YouTube videos. 
C) How is this my life!!!? 😍😱🐲
  • Our young Buff Orpington rooster gave his first recognizable crow this morning. So there's an end to my lazy days. :) What should we name him?
  • Homeschool.
  • Mother-daughter weekend coming to an end. We miss our family but we're not tired of each other. This selfie is for Stella and she picked the purple filter. 💜💜💜💜#stellabella #offgridkids #shelovespurple #travel #homestretch