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A lot of people told me that speaking for TEDx would be fun. Or, what an amazing opportunity. Or wow, that must feel great. I love these people. I think these people, in general, are geniuses. But also that was not exactly true. I think what I needed to hear was something like, “You will get through it. And then you can go to bed right afterwards.” That’s the kind of wisdom that I need painted all over the walls, and maybe on the back of my hands, too, whenever I work on vulnerable, soul-baring, challenging, creative things.

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Why I Don’t “Believe” in Herbal Medicine (VIDEO)

Hi, folks! This is just a quick post to let you know that the Thursday video is up on my personal channel.

Juneberries and reminders

I've read about animals in captivity, who still walk their little cage paths even when the door is open. A habit of bondage is a powerful thing.

Speaking Beautiful (VIDEO)

I sang all my instructions to the kids when they were getting ready for bed tonight. They're still the age that I have to say things like, "brush your teeth," three times if I have to say them once. That's a good way to turn yourself into a crone twenty years early, so tonight I sang it all.

The Most Rebellious Thing

When I was a little girl, we had a book of children's moral lessons told in story. Several of the tales were from the Bible, and I didn't realize until much later that the story of Bobby putting his baseball through his neighbor's window wasn't actually from the chapter right before Daniel in the lion's den.

I’m Doing Something New (and a VIDEO)

Last summer Nick and I started making regular content for our YouTube channel. I thought it was super fun. We tried all the different kinds of videos a person could try. People said they wanted more videos, so we tried making more videos. We tried everything.

Small Good Things Matter

This is what makes the world make sense again, when terrible things keep happening. This is what makes it possible for me to feel my feelings in a world where good things and bad things live right next door to one another.

Of Magic and Mercies

I told the kids only one or two little chapters each day, because I don't want to be done soon. When you find a book that is medicinal, that heals broken things, you don't want it to run out. You don't want to waste it.

In Defense of Tiny Things

I wanted to write today in defense of tiny things. And going slowly. And being very much in process all the time.

Brotherhood of Brokenness (Orlando shooting)

I didn't have words all night last night, for the realization of 50 people killed and as many again shot by a terrorist in a gay club in Orlando. I still don't have words.

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  • Doorstep dinner tonight is German pancake and greens for miles. #homesteading #eatlocal #summer #gratitude
  • It's hot. The new house is the coolest place on the property. "Milo has a book, Stella has some knitting, I have a coloring book, and you and Daddy work." Sounds about right! #mountaindreamhome #offgridkids #summer
  • We let the kids take the lead today. Nothing else seems to make sense, and we'll never have this summer day again. #sweetsummerdays #idaho #offgridkids
  • Mullein flowers, harvested to make a mullein flower oil for treating earaches. Miss Sadie doesn't think they smell very good.
  • Beach day! Girl can rock a hat, can't she? #stellabella #summer #evenhomesteadersneedbreaks
  • Stop time right here for a while, okay? #sadielady #offgridcats #yearofslow
  • Doubtless God could have made a better berry, but doubtless God didn't. #strawberries #summer #beauty
  • We went strawberry picking! 24 lbs of ripe organic strawberries. To the canning jars we go.
  • June.
  • Sadie is pretty much Nick's shadow when he's working. Today her beautiful little doll (named Rose) makes three! I hope Rose has some experience with sawmills. ;)
  • This white iris was planted years and years ago and hidden under brush. We didn't even know this cluster of bulbs was there until last year. This spring only one has flowered, but what a beautiful flower it is!
  • Fouchomatic Off-Grid just received a VERY interesting package. 
A) we will wait until Nick is home to open it. 
B) this is all in fun and related to things we've shared in our YouTube videos. 
C) How is this my life!!!? 😍😱🐲