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A lot of people told me that speaking for TEDx would be fun. Or, what an amazing opportunity. Or wow, that must feel great. I love these people. I think these people, in general, are geniuses. But also that was not exactly true. I think what I needed to hear was something like, “You will get through it. And then you can go to bed right afterwards.” That’s the kind of wisdom that I need painted all over the walls, and maybe on the back of my hands, too, whenever I work on vulnerable, soul-baring, challenging, creative things.

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In Defense of Doing Hard Things (VIDEO)

This talk is for you if you're spinning your wheels, or if you need a call to courage, or if you need to be kinder to yourself. This talk is for you if you're doing something hard and you need a friend. And certainly it was for me, because I needed all those things.

Getting Stuck in the Snow, and What Else I’ve Been Up To

Hello, friends! If you follow me only when I write words you're a little bit behind. I've been short of words lately. Run clean out of words. But don't worry, you didn't miss much. We [...]

It’s Here!

In some magic world, launch day is the day to say wise, conclusive things about the importance of story and the importance of community and how wonderful it is to share our gifts with the world. HAHAHAHAHA.

Deep Snow and Soft Mercies

I'm so ready for Christmas. As so many of us are. Whether it's the coming of Christ or the coming of the snow or a needed vacation, or all of the above, so many of us just could use a little bit of star-shine right about now.

The House in the Woods

The first snow of the year and the kids were too sick to play in it. The head cold is working its way through from youngest to oldest. Sadie had it first and now she’s [...]

New Days and Superpowers

It's November and the yurt is pierced with cold. We've entered the darkest season of the year. Night falls long before you want it and sticks around long after its welcome is worn out. The worst part is that this isn't even the worst part. For the next four weeks -- the weeks of Advent -- the days will get shorter and shorter yet.

Secret Messages and Beautiful Things

I read somewhere in the midst of my Facebook feed yesterday that God's voice through all this is saying, "I love you. I love you. I love you." It may be drowned out by all the things. Real trauma, real nonsense, real dialogue. But it is still there, through the mist: this beautiful truth that we are loved.

A Fireside Chat (VIDEO)

Today's Thursday video is a hopeful and restful chat beside the fire, with emphasis on self care and the question of whether you can identify a certain obscure literary reference.

Lessons from a Life Without Electricity (VIDEO)

The video I posted this morning is a sweet story for hope in dark places, and also a glimpse of my life without electricity. Enjoy!

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  • Well...the snow came back and chewed us out for our spring dreaming. #WinterStrikesBack But we got some amazing snowflakes to see for it. Who knew snowflakes actually looked like snowflakes? They do. The rest is in our current YouTube video on Fouch Family Off Grid. Little House in Winter — the February Storm.
  • Mama has a cute house. :) #justsaying #homesteadliving #mountainlife
  • Once upon a time, this man said to me, “I want to move to the woods and build a house.” I said, “ummm...?” But here we are. The new mudroom (porch) got siding this weekend, and a floor. Our crazy, runaway life is starting to like a picture in a magazine. Isn’t life funny? But dreams are beautiful things, and even more beautiful is the slow, ordinary, faithful work of living into them. We hope you like your new mudroom, Little House. #littlehouse #timberframe #offgrid #nickandesther
  • I love how Stella the beautiful holds the ice and water shield in place with her whole body. House building is serious work. :)
  • Because I am posting magical vlogs on YouTube — and yes, the last three or four Little House vlogs are pretty magic — the question is coming up of whether my kids are some kind of perfect angels. Are they really that sweet? That beautiful? That magic? ... My answer is yes. Resoundingly yes. Not because they are extraordinary or I’m incredibly lucky or we’re the world’s best parents. But because people just ARE magic. Look closely, so you can see. :) I love these ones and so my camera loves these ones, but my PSA is that YOU are this beautiful, too. ESPECIALLY in your ordinary moments. Even when you are putting your elbow in your sister’s face for the picture. :) Happy Monday from the Little House. ❤️❤️
  • Happy home builders. :)
  • Making a home is such a glorious, maddening, beautiful adventure. I feel like our last few days have been a kind of time warp. One day there was a muddy, paper covered, unfinished looking pit in front of our house. And then one day there was a sculpture made of wood. It’s stunning. I’m too tired to enjoy it just yet, as we’re trying to get it covered before it snows again. But here is a little snapshot of the moment, so I never lose it, and tired doesn’t make the terrible shift into blind. We hope you like your new addition, Little House. 
#timberframe #fouchomatic #littlehouse
  • We’re having the kind of winter where log jams come loose and slow things start moving again. Things that seemed so far away are suddenly yesterday!! It’s very welcome, of course...but also such a good reminder for the slow times and the foggy times. Some things in life need time to grow. And that’s okay. Don’t miss the moments of your beautiful, ordinary life.
  • And here is Miss Pinecone. A much loved addition to the family, even though her head falls off with some regularity. We’re having a warm week...and more snow to come. So let the snow games continue!!
  • Well, we did it, folks. We made it through the darkest day of the year. We have a lot of winter ahead of us here. Even in the little house, and even with these years of toughening up, our winters are still hard. But we’re tougher than we think, and on hard days I remember that the light is coming back. It’s an ordinary, every day kind of magic, but that is the most powerful kind. It can get you through. 
#truethings #offgridwinter #littlehouse
  • Hi everybody! I’ve been locked out of my IG account for a long time for so many silly reasons. So I went and created a new account called “fouchfamilyoffgrid” but now I’m back in this one, too. Here is a Sadie and Fia cuddle. I wish you all a cozy warm feeling this morning! With love from the little house. ❤️❤️
  • Hi, everybody! Here's where Esther disappeared to for another month. It's right in front of my driveway, where I raked and leveled and dug out drain rock and road mix and now we have... a rain garden! It is designed to catch water from the driveway and slow it down as it travels down the hill. Plantings and mulch will make it so there isn't standing water. Here it is right after a rain, before the sheet mulch, and it's working perfectly!! ... I can't always justify the way I like to work with my hands and make something that is real. But if you've ever had the urge to use your own hands and arms to bring beauty to an inhospitable place, I know you understand. I can't wait to see it green up in the spring! ❤️❤️

#slowandsteady #theimpossiblefarm #rainwaterharvesting #yesimadethepaverstoo #wherearenickandesther